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The $100 laptop: What went wrong – MSN Money

The $100 laptop: What went wrong – MSN Money: Anyway, in general a free computer to everyone on the planet it interesting. The tool is cool. And there are many massively problematic issues involved. But that’s interesting is that this article is publishe din MSN Money. MSN isn’t part of this. I’ve read the M$ […]

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Web Curator Tool

Web Curator Tool: The Web Curator Tool (WCT) is a tool for managing the selective web harvesting process. It is designed for use in libraries and other collecting organisations, and supports collection by non-technical users while still allowing complete control of the web harvesting process. ——- this looks like a great tool.

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Around the Corner v2 – – Librarians are obsolete

Around the Corner v2 – – Librarians are obsolete: A few folks–David Warlick (2cents) and Chris Harris (InfoMancy)–are complaining about how librarians have been left out in the cold, found to be obsolete/irrelevant to a world that can do its own research, work out information literacy on its own, and really, come on, do […]

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Off To LindenLab for their Symposium on Governance in Virtual Worlds.

I made it to newark airport… My only hangup of course is that is did something to my back yesterday afternoon and basically haven’t slept much, but eh, that only caused me to walk up and down 34th street for 10-15 minutes wondering where the heck the penn station door was, because I’d never been […]

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Net Neutrality Song

Net Neutrality Song: A new, downloadable song by Kay Hanley, Jill Sobule, and Michelle Lewis in favor of net neutrality. Nice, but the chorus sounds too much like it’s going to be “Hey Mr. Tambourine Man.” And coming on the heels of this gloomy analysis of the congressional vote — heck, they even got Alcee […]

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snubster – beta

snubster – beta: the snubster differenceAren’t you tired of all of those people out there trying to grab all of these fake friends online? It’s all about how many people can I pretend to be friends with to make myself feel better. Welcome to a better way at snubster. —- solid.

Read More ComparisonStudy of Free/Open Source and Proprietary Software in an AfricanContext: Implementation and Policy-making to Optimise Community Accessto ICT The SoftwareComparison research project providesthe needed background information and advice topeople who want to makesound software choices for public computer labs in Africa.Thefinal report represents the first comprehensive analysis of softwarechoicesin the African public-access context. The […]

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New Open Access Journal for human-centered ICT research

New Open Access Journal for human-centered ICT research: New Open Access journal for human-centered ICT research now available Human Technology: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Humans in ICT Environments is an international, scholarly online journal that presents articles exploring the many issues and challenges surrounding human-technology interaction. For more information go to the journal web site: […]

Read More ~ News Archive ~ News Archive: The International Open Source Network, an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme, has produced a 48-page primer on ‘Free/Open Source Software and Education’, which is now available for free public download. The primer is intended to help policy-makers and decision-makers understand the potential use of Free and Open Source Software […]

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Literary tests for a digital world

Literary tests for a digital world: The Information and Communications Technology literacy assessment is intended to measure students’ ability to manage exercises like sorting e-mail messages. ——- is this something we really want measured by testing?

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