Completed books:

519lMh7kOALThe Handbook of Social Media with Theresa Senft

the unconnected The Unconnected with Paul M.A. Baker and Jarice Hanson

books-3 International Handbook of Internet Research with Lisbeth Klastrup and Matthew Allen

books-1 International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments With Joel Weiss, and Jason Nolan

books-2 Putting Knowledge to Work and Letting Information Play with Timothy W. Luke

books Learning and Research in Virtual Worlds with Aleks Krotoski

books-4 Internet Research Annual: Selected Papers from the Association of Internet Researchers Conferences 2000-2002, Volume 1 with Mia Consalvo, Nancy Baym, Klaus Bruhn Jensen, John Logie, Monica Murero, Leslie Regan Shade

In progress books:
Volume 2 International Handbook of Internet Research
Jeremy Hunsinger, Lisbeth Klastrup and Matthew Allen

Making Our World: The Hacker and Maker Movements In Context
Jeremy Hunsinger and Andrew Shrock

Closed System/Open Worlds
Jason Nolan and Jeremy Hunsinger
This is an edited collection of 10-20 articles covering the virtual worlds research of the edge lab at Ryerson University and similar projects. Aim 2016

Books in slow progress:
CyberSchool after 20 years.
Jeremy Hunsinger, Timothy W. Luke and Josette Torres
This is an edited collection about the 20 years of the cyberschool online education project at Virginia Tech and its effects. The first parts of the book are already underway to develop the list of contributors. To be released free. Aim 2016

Capital policy
Timothy W. Luke and Jeremy Hunsigner
This is an selection of authored and co-authored texts dealing with the transformation of higher education and research in relation to late capitalism. It focuses on North America and Europe. When the chapters are accumulated it will be submitted.

Minor Games
Jeremy Hunsinger
This is a book about online games, esoteric games, and related topics. You might guess the general broad theoretical angle from the title. This project is like the other slow project book, an accretion of papers and ideas.

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