Completed books:

519lMh7kOALThe Handbook of Social Media with Theresa Senft

the unconnected The Unconnected with Paul M.A. Baker and Jarice Hanson

books-3 International Handbook of Internet Research with Lisbeth Klastrup and Matthew Allen

books-1 International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments With Joel Weiss, and Jason Nolan

books-2 Putting Knowledge to Work and Letting Information Play with Timothy W. Luke

books Learning and Research in Virtual Worlds with Aleks Krotoski

books-4 Internet Research Annual: Selected Papers from the Association of Internet Researchers Conferences 2000-2002, Volume 1 with Mia Consalvo, Nancy Baym, Klaus Bruhn Jensen, John Logie, Monica Murero, Leslie Regan Shade

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