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Call: closed systems / open worlds

Closed Systems / Open Worlds Edited by: Jeremy Hunsinger (Wilfrid Laurier University), Jason Nolan (Ryerson University) & Melanie McBride (York University) This book will consist of explorations at the boundaries of virtual worlds as enclosed but encouraging spaces for exploration, learning, and enculturation. Game/worlds like Second Life, OpenSim, Minecraft, and Cloud Party are providing spaces […]

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scos presentation proposal

I proposed this for the annual standing conference on organizational symbolism conference “serious fun”… and it was accepted. it is a spin off the darknets research i’ve been pursuing on the side for a year… so now there are two papers in development on this topic… I’m sharing it so people can see more […]

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10 things that i think i know about learning ecologies

10 things that i think i know about learning ecologies 1. human beings learn; we don’t stop learning, we learn while we are awake, we learn while we are asleep, we learn when under stress, and we learn when comfortable and happy. 2. human beings do not always learn what others know,  or think is […]

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“Down the Rabbit Hole” day

This dissociation of cultural subject and cultural production problematizes much of the scholarship being done in virtual worlds which depends on the assumptions that subject/s create or exist in relation to objects, but in the messiness of programmable systems, the mixing of subjects/objects into quasi-subjects, quasi-objects, and the pluralization of the relationship between a persons interface and their ‘avatar’, causes one to be immediately skeptical of the reported experiences of people acting through their interfaces in the virtual world. … In short, when exploring culture in virtual worlds, we need to take care in our methodological choices and their assumptions for even the most basic assumptions such as, “my student in my virtual classroom had the same experience as my other students” is likely to be false in ways that are profoundly different than the ways it may be false in a f2f classroom.

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Fellowship and Conference

Since Tuesday I have been in Milwaukee visiting SOIS and CIPR as part of my Information Ethics fellowship. I attended a discussion about a possible future conference on translating intercultural information ethics across the situated understandings that term implies across a plurality of contexts. That seems like a great project, I’m happy to help out […]

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sometimes… the puppets know… they just know.

—- this is a great little puppet show about neoliberalism with great social and political theoretical basis. from monochrome

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How To Get Around Web 2.0 Censorship

Is YouTube censored in your country? Having trouble getting onto Flickr to post your photos? MohammedR, an Iranian developer tired of not being able to access social networking websites in his country, came up with “FreeAccess Plus!”, which bloggers say is “making miracles” happen in Iran. [From How To Get Around Web 2.0 Censorship] —- […]

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Print Story: New software detects Web interference on Yahoo! News

Print Story: New software detects Web interference on Yahoo! News: Increasingly worried over Internet providers’ behavior, a nonprofit has released software that helps determine whether online glitches are innocent hiccups or evidence of deliberate traffic tampering. —— we needed something like this. we just need it built into every OS now.

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How to pay for a free press, by André Schiffrin

How to pay for a free press, by André Schiffrin: How to pay for a free press In a media world with one eye on the bottom line and the other on the official line, it’s getting harder to publish or broadcast anything that doesn’t promise huge sales and attendant profits, and that doesn’t say […]

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History of social media

History of social media: How the Social Web Came To Be (part 1, part 2) is a slideshow history from Trebor Sholz, for his class on social media.  Very solid, rich stuff. (via Stephen Downes) —- two good slideshows from trebor

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