Around the Corner v2 – – Librarians are obsolete

Around the Corner v2 – – Librarians are obsolete:
A few folks–David Warlick (2cents) and Chris Harris (InfoMancy)–are
complaining about how librarians have been left out in the cold, found
to be obsolete/irrelevant to a world that can do its own research, work out information literacy
on its own, and really, come on, do we REALLY need those grumpy librarians?

You know, I bet librarians are laboring under the same draconian policies teachers are…basically that there are too many OTHER duties in addition to being a teacher-librarian to engage a classroom full of students in learning information problem-solving a la Big6/Super3, that there just isn’t time in the day to engage in the levels of reflection required by the Read/Write Web.

So, School Libraries Work…but are the people who advocate for technology instead of people…well, do they even care what people are going to help students use that technology? If teachers and librarians can both teach Technology Training in a 2.0 World, why should anyone think they have to pay extra for a librarian?

What’s the value-added of a librarian?


SO there is a huge debate about the value of librarians now? is there? buy laptops fire librarians? is that the real answer? I think not. However, i do no think that librarians and archivists have an easy argument when so many different fields now make strong claims to performing all but their most mundane tasks.