$25,000 for a CMS??? You've got to be kidding!

$25,000 for a CMS??? You’ve got to be kidding!:
In Oh, What a Tangled Web…, University Business has a feature describing the need for content management systems on college campuses. Only wait? The feature focuses almost exclusively on expensive proprietary systems. Can’t imagine that any CMS is worth $25,000 plus $5,000 a year in maintenance cost with so many good open source apps out there. Bowling Green’s and Gonzaga’s new websites could easily be done with many open source solutions. I would have built Gonzaga’s expensive site for them with Drupal for 1/10 the cost. ‘Course the open source development communities and consultants aren’t going to come take a dean or IT director out to dinner and give them all kinds of other perks 😉
Disclaimer: I don’t want to suggest that this is what happened at these institutions, but I suspect that open source CMS developers need to do a better marketing job and get their apps out there in the public eye and in whatever trade journals are featuring these needlessly expensive alternatives.


seems like a reasonable assumption though… why do we use x vs y, there is a reason…..