Thu, 09 Jan 2003 14:18:14 GMT

Battle of Brooklyn, Part 2. Last month, Wall Street Journal columnist Dorothy Rabinowitz published a searing indictment of the tenure debacle at CUNY's Brooklyn College…. [Critical Mass]

it seems to me, from what i have read so far that the individual made their voice heard, and then in a most inappropriate fashion tried to leverage their minority opinion to over-run the opinions of the majority, who it might be noted were managing the dept. just fine. Now, the appeal to the media is trying to do the same thing. The person has a voice, but the key to tenure is whether that voice in the department will harm or help the department as a whole. Collegiality is also not something small or trite to consider, you could end up working with a person for 40 years, and if they are not collegial then there are serious problem.