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Memory of the World

Memory of the World: UNESCO’s Memory of the World program aims at preservation and dissemination of valuable archive holdings and library collections worldwide. —- great idea…

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AlterNet: Myth of the Universal Digital Library

AlterNet: Myth of the Universal Digital Library: Sorry, but we can’t digitize everything. Here’s why … A lot of Web geeks believe that one day everything ever created by humans will be available online. Call it the myth of the universal library. Here’s how the myth goes: Because there is unlimited real estate in cyberspace […]

Read More | Linux to help the Library of Congress save American history | Linux to help the Library of Congress save American history: The Library of Congress, where thousands of rare public domain documents relating to America’s history are stored and slowly decaying, is about to begin an ambitious project to digitize these fragile documents using Linux-based systems and publish the results online in multiple formats. […]

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Museum Professionals and the Relevance of LIS Expertise

Museum Professionals and the Relevance of LIS Expertise: Marty, Paul F. (2007) Museum Professionals and the Relevance of LIS Expertise. — Paul Marty, who I met while interviewing at FSU, is cranking out some great papers in museums, museum informatics, and museum professionals in relation to library/information professionals

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cddc in the new.. sort of Peter Suber, Open Access News

Peter Suber, Open Access News : Is China blocking OA to Chinese Marxist texts? Noam Cohen, Who’s Attacking an Online Marxist Archive? China Is Suspected of Trying to Block Access to Texts, New York Times, February 5, 2007. Excerpt: …According to the Marxist Internet Archive, an online community that produces and organizes an ever-growing [open […]

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Modern Archival Literature: A Brief Annotated Bibliography

Modern Archival Literature: A Brief Annotated Bibliography: Because I have not yet published anything about how to take the ACA exam yet, I thought I would at least post a fairly brief annotated bibliography of many of the books and articles I read in preparation for the exam. Hopefully, some will find it helpful. It […]

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Largest archive of free culture to be built in the Netherlands

Largest archive of free culture to be built in the Netherlands: From the Netherlands, the “Images for the Future” project is building a large-scale conservation and digitization project to make available 285,000 hours of film, television, and radio recordings, as well as more than 2.9 million photos from the Netherlands’ film and television archives. A […]

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"For archivists with strong geeky tendencies"

“For archivists with strong geeky tendencies”: Yesterday saw the first meeting of the Data Standards Group of the Society of Archivists under its new name. It was formerly known as the EAD/Data Exchange Group. The new name reflects a new, broader remit for the group, which is now providing a focus for digital preservation as […]

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PrattNews: PRATT INSTITUTE SCHOOL OF INFORMATION AND LIBRARY SCEINCE LAUNCHES COUNTRY’S FIRST ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN MUSEUM LIBRARIES NEW YORK, N.Y. November 8, 2006 – Pratt Institute’s School of Information and Library Science (SILS) introduced the world’s first program focusing on museum libraries this fall semester. The Advanced Certificate in Museum Libraries will yield a Master’s […]

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Off To LindenLab for their Symposium on Governance in Virtual Worlds.

I made it to newark airport… My only hangup of course is that is did something to my back yesterday afternoon and basically haven’t slept much, but eh, that only caused me to walk up and down 34th street for 10-15 minutes wondering where the heck the penn station door was, because I’d never been […]

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