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Google Code – Updates: Announcing Tesseract OCR

Google Code – Updates: Announcing Tesseract OCR: We wanted to let you all know that a few months ago we quietly released – or actually re-released – an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine into open source. You might wonder why Google is interested in OCR? In a nutshell, we are all about making information available […]

Read More | Home of the Evergreen ILS. | Home of the Evergreen ILS.: This is information central for the development effort of an open source Integrated Library System (ILS), named Evergreen. This software is being developed and maintained by the Georgia Public Library Service for use by the Georgia Library PINES Program, a consortium of 252 public libraries. This software can […]

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EC calls on Member States to contribute to the European digital library

EC calls on Member States to contribute to the European digital library: The European Commission urged EU Member States on 25 August to set up large-scale digitisation facilities, so as to accelerate the process of getting Europe’s cultural heritage on line via the European digital library. In a Recommendation on digitisation and digital preservation, it […]

Read More — What Is OpenDocument — What Is OpenDocument: The OpenDocument Format (ODF) is an emerging file format standard for electronic office documents. Representing a triumph of common sense over the methods conceived before the rise of the Internet, ODF’s goals are both exciting and controversial. Early adopters of the format include state and municipal governments in some near- […]

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The Journal of Electronic Publishing

The Journal of Electronic Publishing: 
 The Journal of Electronic Publishing – Summer 2006 edition now available —— some of these articles are interesting.

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DAC 2007: Perth

DAC 2007: Perth: The call for papers for perthDAC 2007 is out. The theme of the 2007 Digital Arts and Culture Conference will be “The Future of Digital Media Culture” which, I presume, leaves plenty of room for electronic literature and other GTxA type interests. The conference will be held from 15 – 18th September […]

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