Talking Points Memo | Annals of Reporting

Talking Points Memo | Annals of Reporting:
Actually, if you look at what he says, it seems Skube’s editor at the Times oped page didn’t think he had enough specific examples in his article decrying our culture of free-wheeling assertion bereft of factual backing. Or perhaps any examples. So the editor came up with a few blogs to mention and Skube signed off. And Skube was happy to sign off on the addition even though he didn’t know anything about them.


in an ironic twist, michael skube and his editor contrive to do in print journalism what they intended to critique as part of the tendencies of the blogosphere. now… anyone who reads or watches the news, knows that print and other media are rife with unsupported opinion, look at the recent story about ving rhames’s dogs, or the NYT coverage of the Iraq war… (though the persistent presence of paid cia and military employees in the newsrooms is partially to blame there).