Scientific American: Wronger Than Wrong

Scientific American: Wronger Than Wrong:
Simply wrong. When people thought that science was unbiased and unbound by culture, they were simply wrong. On the other hand, when people thought that science was completely socially constructed, they were simply wrong. But if you believe that thinking science is unbiased is just as wrong as thinking that science is socially constructed, then your view is not even wronger than wrong.

mr. shermer only gets to this point by fundamentally misunderstanding and mischaracterizing the strong programme of social construction. if he were to actually think about why one would want to treat theories and ‘scientific theories’ as equal, even if they were not, he’d come to realize that the argument isn’t about the merit of the theories as much as it is about the development of theories. social construction, the strongest versions, is as such not wronger than wrong, it just is addressing how we come to know something is wrong.