Eat Over Your Sink

Eat Over Your Sink:
Wow. There’s a day for everything. And today, November 24, 2006, is Sinkie Day, sponsored by the folks at They’re also known as the “International Association of People who Dine Over the Kitchen Sink,” established in 1991. Yep, SInkie Day is a day to eat standing over your sink. Not, perhaps, a cause for celebration — but a release for a little guilty pleasure in doing so? Nut the big news is: on sinkie day, the folks at the web site announce their 6 suspected closet sinkies of the year. Will you be one?


wow, well I don’t usually eat over the sink, but sometimes I do. It really depends on the crumb factor… if there are lots of crumbs, i eat over the sink, else… i have to sweep up crumbs…