call for panelists: Discourses of Legitimation in Knowledge, Cultural and Information Policy

I’m putting a panel for Interpretive Policy Analysis: Politic, Legitimacy and Power in Grenoble  France July 23-25 2010
Keynotes this year are:  Frank Fischer,  Bruno Latour, Bruno Jobert, Patrick Le Galés and Vivien Schmidt.

I need 200-300 word proposals from the panelists.
I need the proposals by 18 November 2009.

The topic of the panel will will be:  Discourses of Legitimation in Knowledge, Cultural and Information Policy.  I am looking for at least 3 more participants for the panel.

The idea is that in using interpretive methods, we find certain discourses that aim to legitimize certain policies related to knowledge and cultural policy in our society.  The papers should describe these discourses so that in the panel we can present them and discuss the similarities and differences.   For my perspective, I tend to be most closely allied with Habermasian and Lyotardian issues of legitimation and the issues of justification described by Boltanski and Thévenot in On Justification.  However, any model of  a discourse that legitimizes, justifies a policy will be considered for the panel.

I’d like to see papers for the panel of around 20-30 pages eventually, but the panel will minimally need to have presentations of 15-20 minutes.    If I get the papers, I’ll try to get them placed in a journal special issue or similar project.