Andrea Dworkin Has Died

Andrea Dworkin Has Died:
DworkinI received word this morning— from Doug Henwood, Carol Queen, and Rachel Kramer Bussel— that Andrea Dworkin has died. She was 59. Her partner John Stoltenberg found her near death in the morning, and she passed away around eight in the morning.
There is nothing about Dworkin’s death in the news yet, and unless this is a elaborate hoax, I bet we will hear a lot more details by the morning. I knew she had  been ill for some time, but she was notoriously private about her health problems. I don’t know how bad or incapacitating her condition was. Most of us who’ve seen her in person in the past couple years saw her move about in obvious pain and disability.  It wasn’t just physical, either. After her father died seven years ago, she had what could only be described as a nervous breakdown.


this is the passing of someone that tried to change things for the better, and for that, she should be remembered.