Student loan update, and some thoughts on Deleuzian networks of control

Student loan update, and some thoughts on Deleuzian networks of control: “Yesterday the Royal Bank returned the money they withdrew from my bank accounts.

Since sending my letter on Tuesday, the CBC has been the only news source to publish it and the Royal Bank the only institution to contact me. Of course I didn’t expect to change the world in three days, but I am a bit disappointed and disheartened that no one else I contacted considered my experience and concerns either news-worthy or significant enough to respond.


Deleuze got it right: we no longer live in Foucault’s disciplinary society; we live in societies of control.

‘In the societies of control … what is important is no longer either a signature or a number, but a code… The numerical language of control is made of codes that mark access to information, or reject it. We no longer find ourselves dealing with the mass/individual pair. Individuals have become ‘dividuals,’ and masses, samples, data, markets, or ‘banks’ … The disciplinary man was a discontinuous producer of energy, but the man of control is undulatory, in orbit, in a continuous network … Man is no longer man enclosed, but man in debt…’

This type of control is particularly insidious because there is no panopticon. Control is diffuse and we can’t locate – or fix – responsibility and accountability long enough to affect change. And it’s particularly dangerous because it allows each of us to play the victim of an imaginary structure.”

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Anne Hits it on the head as usual. this is the same thing that is happening in the u.s. in regards to anything ‘security’ the imaginary structure powered by an inability to imagine difference, fixes us, into a system of normalcy that may in fact not function for any parties, but yet still controls all parties.