Supremely Dangerous

Supremely Dangerous:

As we brace for a challenge to Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court nominees who would see it through, here is a reminder of what a society looks like when abortion is illegal — witness Portugal, where 1,000 women were hospitalized last year for complications from back alley abortions…and a teenager was recently prosecuted for taking stomach ulcer pills to terminate a pregnancy (she was acquited Tuesday for lack of proof). Women will exert control of their own bodies whether it is “legally” sanctioned by society or not; the only question is whether society will make it safe for them. It is estimated that more than 20,000 abortions take place in Portugal every year.Roe v. Wade established abortion rights in the United States in 1973:

This right of privacy, whether it be founded in the Fourteenth Amendment’s concept of personal liberty and restrictions upon state action, as we feel it is, or, as the District Court determined, in the Ninth Amendment’s reservation of rights to the people, is broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. The detriment that the State would impose upon the pregnant woman by denying this choice altogether is apparent.”-RH

I wouldn’t want to live in a nation where only the extremely rich could afford to pursue a medically sound procedure and only the super rich could afford to keep it covered up. Remember the reasons why this became an issue in the first place, what the social consequences for people really are here… Humans, all humans, have a right to the sanctity of their own body. however, the living sustainable life of an adult human takes precedence in all cases to the unborn fetus’s rights. in short, abortion is base din privacy, it is based on the right to a woman’s privacy about the decisions she makes about her body, her body is the concern, not any other living things, in this case, and the right to that should not be changed, because if you do change it, it changes everything else for everyone. it means you no longer have the right to anything about your body, and the decisions you make about it. that includes doing anything that might enhance it or anything else. because, you would not have the right to privacy and with that the right to your own body.