Mon, 26 Jul 2004 08:44:38 GMT

j3r3mi ruls. World famous carmiudgen Jeremy helped me with a mysterious problem. All the sudden my 60 gig harddrive was full. Even though I had 15 gigs free a day or two ago. We tired everything… deleting /.Trashes stuff, clearing journaling, etc… du didn't turn anything up… until Jeremy suggested the following line: du -k | sort -n | tail -150 > /tmp/top50 which dumped the top 150 biggest directories into a file. I'd missed a hidded VOLUME “./Volumes/untitled CD” that was full of junk. Seems it got started when something crashed while burning a cd. Nuked that volume, and got all my space back. Scary.

Thanks Jeremy [Team Polysynchronous – Just Differently Intelligent – – Just Differently Intelligent –]


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