toronto ideologues seek to take over information control worldwide to make… if freeing information is taking over and controling it

KAT! causing trouble for the BBC….

'Net ninjas' take on web censorship <-- i.e. KAT!

A small group of 'net commandos' at the University of Toronto are looking to help people get around government controls on the internet, as technology correspondent Clark Boyd reports.

Michelle Levesque, a computer science student who works for The Citizen Lab, says they also have to tap into human networks and knowledge to get their job done.

“If you have a website that's being blocked, and it's all in Persian, you've no idea why it's being blocked,” she said. “It could be some political website, or a gay rights website,” she said.

Jeremy suggested the title 'toronto ideologues seek to take over information control worldwide'

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well yes, i suggested that title, and i think it is pretty true, well it depends on what you mean by ideologue i guess, but doesn't everything depend on what you mean by ideologue?