Mon, 03 Nov 2003 13:00:24 GMT

Course Development Wars: A Content Expert's Cry for Help.

“You’ve changed the entire meaning and intent of my course!” I blurted out the words and then regreted it as Kendra, the instructional designer looked at me in shock


hyperspecialization, the redisciplinization of higher-education, fordism, and post-fordism, the fascism of informationalism, all of that feeds into the situation where education is removed, or inserted, from the processes of higher education, being replaced more or less by method.

Alex thinks that formalism allows for creativity, i agree. In this case though, i don't see it as really a formalization as much as the enveloping of a system and delimiting of what have been for 30 to 150 years certain disciplinary conventions that encourage certain modes of thought, which i will call critical and exploratory. But i think Alex is on to something too with the formalism allowing creativity, HTML for instance is a great example of that, though I've looked at his syllabi on the web and didn't see them following any of the paradigms mentioned in the article;)