Fri, 01 Aug 2003 13:56:25 GMT

JobforJohn. This Guy in Minnesota just got laid-off and he's spending his time following around Bush's economic team on their tour of the upper midwest as they share their “upbeat outlook” on our nation's economy. He's following their tourmobile with his own tourmobile and has been chasing them around in parkinglots and at fast food places. He finally cornered the Treasury Secretary whose advice to the job-seeker was to “just wait.” What's your economic reality? Is it closer to the sunny optimism of the big shiny tourbus, or the laid-off reality of the homemade minivan? (Check out the particularly funny bit about how he stumbled on the entire press corps only when he was looking for a dumpster.) [MetaFilter]

this is a great strategy, excellent actually, to get people to wake up, of course the somnambulism of the regime supporters is hard to break no matter what regime you have, so we'll see how it goes.