Fri, 01 Aug 2003 13:54:34 GMT

No More Reality Shows!. Want to create your own TV Show? So do some folks who aren't from the big lit up place we call Hollywood…. All you've got to do is click up on the site, sign up, pay $25 bucks, and you're in… Oh – and you have to have an idea, too. [thanks MSNBC] [MetaFilter]

This could pass many people's time far too quickly. My thought is that we need a tv show that is like an alan moore comic book but without the super powers, it could be a house of anti-heros in the suburbs whose travails through life occasionally shine bright and occasionally are crushed. I was thinking a boarding house with a little old lady that wishes she were Rosa Parks but causes trouble because she doesn't consider others, and an ex-boxer turned handyman who could have been a contender if he hadn't needed a job to keep his ex-wife happy, as the two primary characters, with say 4 two 6 others rotating in and out of the house, some staying for two or three episodes, some staying longer.