Thu, 22 May 2003 15:08:47 GMT

Electronic Literature Organization. The Electronic Literature Organization, of which I have been a director since its foundation, has ceased to make any positive contribution to the field and has, instead, become an active impediment and a continuing embarrassment. [Mark Bernstein]

This is an interesting development. I tend to think that if ELO is locating itself around one set of company interests, then Mark is entirely right. However, I know many of these people and most of them aren't aligned as such, but this doesn't mean that there doesn't seem to be people with such interests, I just don't know of them.

As for other parts of ELO, I've always found it an intriguing organization, and my interest in it comes and goes, but in regards to its pad initiative, in the fall I suspect I will become more involved or at least offer similar services for free through cddc, but i have to get the new archives server up and running, well i have to order it too.