26 hours in the life of…

sometimes saturdays become sunday before you want them to… yesterday i bought and played master of orion for far too long, deciding in the end that the game is basically like civilization but not as interesting, i was hoping to get simcity 4 for the mac, 'just to see how it is' but it wasn't in yet…. grrr

so after playing that game until nearly morning, i picked up a copy of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which ended up being an interesting read for a graphic novel, much more so than the wolverine:origin graphic novel that i read a few months ago.

This book plays significantly with several of the assumptions that are built into comic books/graphic novels in ways that are quite appealing. Alain Quartermain as drug addict, along with Jekyl and Hyde, and Hyde…..are part of the play with roles that occur throughout the books. Beyond that, the book is somewhat like a satire of boy's life combined with comic books, and it has plain text parts and 'excercises' etc. in short, as a whole it is an interesting combination of things that could pique many's interest, though i wouldn't recommend it to young readers.

of course, now I'm up and its nearly noon, eating my brunch which is comprised of a nice puffy oven pancake(they tend to get a bit like a souffle with alot less work) with apple butter and a cup of earl gray tea becaue i didn't feel like making coffee.