Tue, 01 Apr 2003 22:47:05 GMT

this is the type of thing that sunshine laws in the u.s. should provide. i want everything the president says to anyone public knowledge now, unless it is directly related to national security, and that should be vetted by appointees by a senate committee.

Since the EU Council decided in May 2001 to provid …. Since the EU Council decided in May 2001 to provide open access to its non-classified meeting papers, the public has been taking advantage of the opportunity. “The number of requests for access to EU Council of Ministers documents has doubled to 2,394 since the entry into force of the legislation and 80 per cent of these demands have resulted in full disclosure.” Some member states, like Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, and some press organizations, like Reuters, think the EU policy should go further to open up the process of its decision-making and educate the public about its deliberations. (Thanks to QuickLinks.) [FOS News]