some Muslim disobey hygiene rules Female Muslim medics ‘disobey hygiene rules’ – Telegraph

“No practising Muslim woman – doctor, medical student, nurse or patient – should be forced to bare her arms below the elbow,” it said.

[From Female Muslim medics ‘disobey hygiene rules’ – Telegraph ]


personally, i think they have the right to say no, but by not following the rules, I think they should be open to criminal charges if someone in their care gets infected. We do have the right to our own body, that is the foremost right, the right to a healthy body. The right to religion and personal belief should not override the right of another person to live a healthy life free from these ‘superbugs’. I have no problem with special attire for religions, but i do take issue if that clothing brings probable harm to other people in situations where the person is supposed to be doing the opposite. In the case where the clothing is neutral, which in this case the claim it is not, but say where clothing might insight violence in others, though it need not, i think you can wear what you like and suffer the indignities of the social world, but in the case of healthcare workers… no. Your right to modesty in other words, or religion, does not outweigh someone else’s right to the best healthcare that they can have.

Keep in mind this is in a right’s based model, which i don’t generally perpetrate, but I think i can make the same argument in regards to being a good person and caring for others.