Aardvarchaeology : US Politics Have No Left Wing

So, believe me, US politics don’t have a Left. Looking at the presidential candidates, I am frankly appalled. None of them would be a viable politician in Sweden. They all support the death penalty, none advocates strict gun control and all make frequent mention of their religious beliefs in public. These are extremist stances. Not even the tiny Christian Democrat party mentions God publicly in Sweden, for fear of alienating the pragmatic rationalist majority.

[From Aardvarchaeology : US Politics Have No Left Wing]

there is a left… but… it can’t get into public politics anymore. It is impossible there is a media lockout and thus a popularity lockout. There is no more left newspapers, no more left tv, there is just the center-right. It makes no sense, but it is a form of cartelism leaning toward corporatism ala possible fascism, that determines this relationship between media and politics. The cartelism is centered in religious, military, and related tight networks. Or at least that is my hypothesis.