It’s just hardware!

It’s just hardware!:
It’s just hardware, it will not change education, it will not make our students smarter, it will not make our lives easier unless we are willing to take a long deep look into our systems and change the way we do things. We are talking about a pedagogical shift in the way learning happens, in the way classrooms are set up, and the way we view our students in this new digital world.

It’s just hardware.
it is just hardware… but the students are not using the the same as they might use a book, or a plow, or a tractor, or an elevator. it is a connection machine, somewhat like the book, but closer to the library, the real library, where you go in and talk to people, meet people with similar interests, ask for help, receive it, etc. etc. It is always there, always open, and usually not disfunctional, but yeah… sometimes it is.