Thu, 15 Jul 2004 16:00:07 GMT

June issue of Against the Grain. The June issue of Against the Grain is now out. This issue is guest-edited by Steve McKinzie and devoted to changes in scholarly communication. Not even the TOC and abstracts are online, at least not yet. Here are the OA-related articles. (Thanks to Charles W. Bailey, Jr.)

  • Steve McKinzie, Peer Review: Past Present and Future
  • John Ober, Catherine Candee, and Beverlee French, Reshaping Scholarly Communication
  • Barbara Fister, Academic Authors and the Crisis in Publishing
  • Gerry McKiernan, Easy Pieces
  • Michael Mabe, Peer Review and Pay-to-Publish: The World Turned Upside Down?
  • Peter Suber, A Primer on Open Access to Science and Scholarship (OA edition)
  • Mark Herring, Peer Review
  • Steve McKinzie, Open Access: Two Caveats

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interesting set of papers, but i'm not sure they define as much as they portend to define.