What Do We Know About Innovation?

Call for Papers: What Do We Know About Innovation? A Conference in
Honour of Keith Pavitt

SPRU – Science and Technology Policy Research
Freeman Centre
University of Sussex
Brighton, UK

13-15 November 2003

Scientific Committee
Giovanni Dosi, Chris Freeman, Ove Granstrand, Stan Metcalfe, David
Richard Nelson, Luigi Orsenigo, Pari Patel, Luc Soete, William Walker.

Organising committee
Virginia Acha, Peter Augsdorfer, Stefano Brusoni, Luciana D'Adderio,
Dibiaggio, Gabriela Dutrenit, Aldo Geuna, Keld Laursen, Orietta Marsili,
Jordi Molas-Gallart, Paul Nightingale, Andrea Prencipe, Ammon Salter,
Sapsed, Fred Tell, Bruce Tether, Richard Torbett.

This conference is in recognition of the lifetime contribution of
Professor Keith Pavitt to the study of innovation. Keith's work was
on a deep empirical understanding of innovation and firm behaviour, and
placed particular emphasis on the development of new data, methods, and
taxonomies. His contributions spanned economics, management and
and technology policy. The conference is organised around the major
of his work, including the structure, dynamics and management of
innovation processes, the relationship between basic research and
technical change, knowledge and the theory of the firm, the
of R&D, and science and technology policy.

Keith's research combined empirical evidence and common sense to
realistic and robust theoretical insights and policy proposals. The
conference will therefore focus on new empirical contributions and
empirically grounded theoretical developments. Methodological
contributions in each theme are also welcome (e.g. new indicators, new
methods of analysis).

Papers are invited on the following themes:

1. The industrial dynamics of innovation and competition
2. Scientific and technology policy: theories, measurement and practice
3. Management of innovation within and between organisations
4. Internationalisation of innovation and production

While recognising Keith's important contributions, the conference is
intended to encourage further critical development based upon his work
interests. Therefore, the conference organisers would like to encourage
the participation of younger researchers and will give priority to their
papers. At this stage, the organisers expect that at least one third of
all papers presented will be authored by junior researchers. At the same
time, the conference will provide opportunities for debate among
established academics. The debates will take the form of plenary
during which a panel of leaders in the field will be asked to take
position on a specific motion (topics to be announced soon).

The conference will be hosted in the Freeman Centre, a new,
state-of-the-art facility for research on innovation, based on the
University of Sussex campus and housing both SPRU and CENTRIM
of Brighton).

Key Deadlines

Deadline for submitting extended abstracts: April 30, 2003
Response from organising committee: June 16, 2003
Deadline for early registration: July 31, 2003
Deadline for submitting completed paper: October 13, 2003
Deadline for late registration: October 13, 2003


Electronic submissions of extended abstracts (max 1,000 words) should be
sent to the following e-mail address only: pavittconf@sussex.ac.uk. Each
abstract should succinctly summarise the main argument of the paper, the
methodology applied, the structure of the paper, and key references.

The selection process will be open, competitive and based on the
principles of double blind refereeing and scientific quality. In order
encourage current and recently graduated PhD students to submit, the
organisers require authors to state on the front page of the abstract
whether the work is based upon PhD work in progress, or completed within
the past three years (from date of the conference). This is the only
of personal information that will be passed on to the reviewers. Joint
work with senior colleagues/supervisors is welcome, but such submissions
will not be assessed as 'junior' papers.

Conference Fees

Early registration fees (by July 31 2003): £ 150 (£100 for
Late registration fees (by October 13 2003): £ 200 (£150 for
On arrival registration fees: £ 250

The conference fees will cover the costs of attending the meetings,
parallel sessions, plenary sessions and conference meals. They do not
include travel costs or accommodation. On the latter, further
will be posted shortly on the SPRU website, and on a dedicated 'Keith
Pavitt Conference' website currently under development.

The editors of leading academic journals have been approached to publish
special issues on each of the themes proposed.