Fri, 02 Jul 2004 18:02:37 GMT

In which I side with… me!. I've been following the conversation between Elijah and Liz with some interest, but with little comment. Since my name is invoked in both laudatory and mildly disparagingly ways, I suppose I ought to respond. Despite disagreeing with much of what both of them have to say, I think the … [Alex Halavais]


if there is on thing that should be clear here is that there is no positivist account of the truth of the matter that can be supplied in this ongoing discussion. instead what we have is a bunch of people trying to come to terms with a very broad set of phenomena and performing the process of 'coming to know' in different manner. this should not be suprising. it is what happens when you try to study something that human's do. this is why there are interdisciplines and transdisciplines