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ICT Policy: A Beginner's Guide

ICT Policy: A Beginner’s Guide: The handbook aims to build the capacity of interested persons to understand the issues around policy on ICT development and regulation, to grasp the policy process,and to become involved in this process. ———– this could be handy…..

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AoIR 2005

AoIR 2005: Call for papers: AoIR 2005 (Chicago): “Internet Generations” yep…. it is that time.

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UNESCO conference on freedom of speech in cyberspace

UNESCO conference on freedom of ….: UNESCO conference on freedom of. I really have to go to this UNESCO conference on Freedom of Speech in Cyberspace which will be held in UNESCO headquarters in Paris, on 3-4 February. At least to embarrass the Iranian delegation which will be arrogant enough to take part in such […]

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Conference: “Heteronormativity – A fruitful concept? June 2. – 4. 2005 Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway You can also find the program on the conference web site, but it’s still mostly lunches, breaks and other leisure things which…” (Via GENDER & COMPUTING.) —- this could be fun.

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interesting conference.

The Two Cultures: Reconsidering the division between the Sciences and Humanities 21 and 22 July 2005 Venue: Lecture Room A, Webster Building, the University of NSW The Two Cultures: Reconsidering the division between the Sciences and Humanities, will bring scholars together from the sciences (physics, molecular biology, computation, evolutionary systems) and the humanities, social […]

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Subtle submissions

Subtle submissions: The Subtle Technologies Festival will take place May 26-May 29, 2005, in Toronto Canada. Symposium submissions are due January 15th, 2005. This year, in addition to the usual diverse program, there is a special session celebrating the “World Year in Physics”; artists and scientists who investigate physics in their work … —– sounds […]

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Contact, Contagion, and Containment

CFP: “Contact, Contagion, and Containment” Cornell University, March 4-5, 2005 Keynote speaker: Cesare Casarino, University of Minnesota Cornell English Department’s Graduate Student Annual Spring Conference is currently accepting abstracts for its fourth annual conference on literary, cultural, and theoretical notions of contagion and containment.  To us, these terms suggest different attitudes toward bringing disparate or […]

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Mon, 04 Oct 2004 20:20:22 GMT

Internet Research call for papers. One of the new graduate students noted that it was hard to know what conferences were out there and when the deadlines are if you are new to academia. I'm thinking I'll probably set up a blog dedicated just to announcements and calls for papers, but for now, here's one […]

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Sat, 04 Jan 2003 18:29:03 GMT

SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS Deadline is extended to 20 January 2003 International Conference Building the Information Commonwealth: Information Technologies and Building Prospects for the Development of Civil Society Institutions in the CIS Countries St. Petersburg, Russia, April 22-24, 2003 The disintegration of the USSR is still resonating within the world community. The formation of […]

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