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scos presentation proposal

I proposed this for the annual standing conference on organizational symbolism conference “serious fun”… and it was accepted. it is a spin off the darknets research i’ve been pursuing on the side for a year… so now there are two papers in development on this topic… I’m sharing it so people can see more […]

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Fellowship and Conference

Since Tuesday I have been in Milwaukee visiting SOIS and CIPR as part of my Information Ethics fellowship. I attended a discussion about a possible future conference on translating intercultural information ethics across the situated understandings that term implies across a plurality of contexts. That seems like a great project, I’m happy to help out […]

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chicken, chicken, chicken

—– hehehehe and chicken

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Main Page – Pentabarf

Main Page – Pentabarf: Welcome to the Pentabarf Wiki. This wiki is used for documenting and supporting Pentabarf, the open source conference planning software. —— Pentabarf is a conference management system. it looks pretty nifty… it is a rails program.

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Economic Pluralism for the 21st Century

far too many groups in the fields that i work with accept the singular account of economics…. so i’m distributing this. —- “Economic Pluralism for the 21st Century” June 1-3, 2007 University of Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah, USA) In the second half of the 20th century, neoclassical economics and its derivatives came to dominate […]

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Milan and Torino Italy May 17-23

On Monday I’ll be heading out to the Triple Helix Conference on the Capitalization of Knowledge. I’ll be giving a paper that

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Craigslist housing + Google Maps = brilliant

Craigslist housing + Google Maps = brilliant: Wow, this is cool. You can choose any city that Craigslist covers, sort by price range and see all of the places for rent in the city. If you click on a bubble, you can see the details including pictures. Sooo soo cool. I wish i would’ve had […]

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Promoting the global information commons: A statement by IFLA to WSIS Tunis PrepCom2, 2005

Promoting the global information commons: A statement by IFLA to WSIS Tunis PrepCom2, 2005: Finally, we invite you to our pre-Summit conference in the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt, on 10 and 11 November 2005 at which we will show how libraries and information services around the world are realising the global information society for all. […]

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CFP: DAC 2005

CFP: DAC 2005: CFP: Digital Arts and Cultures (DAC) 2005: Digital Experience: Design, Aesthetics, Practice, 1st – 3rd December, 2005, IT University, Copenhagen, Denmark. Hmmmmm….Copenhagen! ——- yup, it might be cold, but it will be fun. i hope i get something in.

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Rhetoric and the Politicization of Science

Rhetoric and the Politicization of Science: 2005 American Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology (AARST) Workshop: Rhetoric and the Politicization of Science Wednesday, November 16, 2005 – Boston, MA The controversy over the “politicization” of science advice and policy under the Bush administration provides… ———- this looks like it will be an excellent […]

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