2011 is likely a transition year. I don’t know where it’s going, but I know some things are ending and some things will begin. Basically I think there are two things going on here… One is career, which while fine and I love my job, but I would like to move to tenure-track. Basically, I think there I just need to cut back and focus on a more centered career. So topically, I’m focussing on knowledge production and its political/policy requirements in informal environments such as social media, virtual worlds, games, and hackerspaces/hacklabs. The other is personal life, 2010 that basically fell apart on me in many ways, but nothing irrecoverable beyond the divorce of course. Here is what I am hoping to accomplish this year:

  1. write daily
    1. finish the books that I have underway
      1. Handbook of social media
      2. unconnected
    2. get journal articles out the door
      1. science in second life series
      2. hacklabs series
      3. politics and policy series
    3. finish software/games projects under development
    4. submit grants in development, develop more grants
  2. get healthy
    1. drink less, basically the idea is to cut out alcohol until i lose 30lb
    2. exercise more
      1. stretch daily
      2. run the april 16th fun run
      3. work up to 5k
      4. maybe take up aikido
    3. eat better food, cut out bar food, etc.
      1. i can cook and i was doing this pretty well in sept.-oct. then I stopped, but I’m working on it.
      2. less red meat, more fish
      3. eat more vegetables/fruits
      4. eat fewer processed foods, chips, etc.
  3. watch less video/tv, and read more texts
  4. cut back on social media and casual games.
  5. make more friends, meet new people
  6. travel more
  7. generally I want to try to be a happier, kinder, more supportive person within the constructivist-pragmatist and cynical-cosmopolitian worldview that I live within, though I am usually happy and I already try to be kind, but I can try to be better, as can everyone.
  8. smile more, last fall was tough for smiling, but really I’m alive and everything is pretty cool in my life, so I should enjoy it and smile a bit more.

so yeah, those are my goals for ought-11