Center for Digital Discourse and Culture | @ Virginia Tech

I’ve been working on our annual report. Here are some interesting stats:

The CDDC has been referenced in over 250 books, over 500 scholarly publications total. We’ve appeared in numerous textbooks, academic papers, etc. Last year we had over 2 million unique addresses visiting our servers and we transferred over 4terabytes of information. We have around 65000 links to our site, many are duplicates, but around we do have links from at least one university on every continent that has a university, and usually we have many links from many universities. We have links from corporations, and many links in the international non-profit sphere. Our materials have been used by millions of people and in hundreds courses and likely will continue to be used for some time.

I think the point of this little review is to say, while the CDDC isn’t hugely productive in its own research, though we have done some cool things and will try to do more, what we do well is that we do provide an anchor and the infrastructure for past, current, and future research. This provision of resources is something that we do, that not many organizations do and we do it in a way that does not usually intrude upon the work being done.

[From Center for Digital Discourse and Culture | @ Virginia Tech]