Student Loan… Bleh

One thing that I managed to do recently was finally pay off my smallest student loan, that was a minor accomplishment, it was a perkins loan through virginia tech. I consolidated my other student loans through the ford program a few years ago to lower my student loan interest. The amount of pressure that student loans put on people is incredible. While my loan payments are not high, they are important and they do limit my options. For instance, I cannot take a low paying job and pay my student loans and pay rent. But my interest rate on loans is not high, but I could probably lower it if I tried. I think about my students, who are taking out student loans for library school and I wonder if they will be able to pay them back on that salary. It is unclear to me whether that will be possible. It also worries me that people are taking out more than 100k of loans to go to school these days. I think that signals a major problem for the economy in the future.