Did a xtian doctor, use his xtianity to cover a profit motive?

Dr. Joan Bushwell’s Chimpanzee Refuge : In th’ethic of ruinous “modern” standards:
“Ethics” can be rewritten and as ostensibly objective principles are no less malleable than the DSM-IV criteria for various versions of “crazy.” Humanism? That grasps something a little more unyielding and a lot more desirable, but one wonders how timeless a concept it, or anything, will prove to be, given the tenor of prevailing minds.


you decide. I suspect that people frequently use ‘covering norms’ to hide their preferences and biases… You can generally see this in the differences between Christianity in terms of say ‘the sermon on the mount’ and that religion practiced in churches. The religion in many churches has no clear relation to most of, what i would think would be ‘important bits’ of religious teaching and quite a bit to do with other bits… specifically the post – calvin bits.