Cult Of 2.0

Cult Of 2.0:
Confession: I have my own religious mental picture of librarians and libraries and the primary symbol has always been the monk and the monastery. People driven by and dedicated to structure and fundamentals. That’s not all a library is but in truth I believe the majority of what constitutes a library is fundamentals, basic rules that guide our actions on a day to day basis. We’re a tool for visionaries, not the visionaries themselves.

I find this to be very problematic. Perhaps I’m an optimist and just think that everyone is a visionary, if they want to be and find a way to be, they can be a visionary. Everyone can contribute and lead elements of the field forward.

There are structures and fundamentals, this is true, but libraries are not monks and monastaries or the homes of servants, they are places that serve the community and there is no better way to serve than to provide leadership and direction in the service of those communities, their informational needs, their cultural needs, and their social needs. The guide is to serve, but not to be be servile.