First They Came For the Nail Clippers….

First They Came For the Nail Clippers….:
So can someone tell me where the madness is going to end? My back of the envelope says about as many people die in the US every month in highway accidents than have died in all our domestic terrorist incidents in the last 50 years. Untold numbers of people in the US are eating themselves to death and dying of heart disease, diabetes, etc. — I think that number is something like 750,000 people a year? Even with all the terrorist bombings of planes over the years, it is still safer to travel by plane than it is to drive to the airport, and it is even safer to fly than to walk!
At some point, we’re going to have to accept that there is a difference between real security and Potemkin security (or Security Theater as Bruce Schneier likes to call it), and a difference between realistic threats and uninteresting threats. I’m happy that the police caught these folks even if their plot seems very sketchy, but could we please have some sense of proportion?


yes, when are they going to realize that ‘security’ isn’t about the masses, and their need to feel comfortable with the appearance of security, nor is it an after-the-fact reaction to security. security is knowing that if one of the .00000001% of the people who have something in mind that will harm many people, they will be interdicted.