Enough is Enough

Welcome to Pottersville: Enough is Enough:
Yeah, I’m talking to you, the one shaking half-naked by the phone that you can barely see through the 8-ball hemorrhages in both eyes, fearfully debating whether to call that rape crisis hot line or battered womens’ shelter or whatever balm that could be provided courtesy of your damned liberal democrat lawmakers.


this is an essay paralleling the treatment of an american ideal with a battered wife. It is a bit tough, but an interesting parallel. The question that this brings to my mind…. is the typical one ‘Just how does the current administration convince the population that what they are doing are actually good for the population?’ It has a good deal to do with the modern reaganite mythology of america. But it is a myth, ‘small government’, ‘free enterprise’, ‘christian nation’, ‘evil world’, ‘nebulous and hidden enemies’…. they are all fictions that cover disturbing truths about what the real policies are.