IST Results – Probing past memories in a digital future

IST Results – Probing past memories in a digital future:
“It is sometimes hard to get a good idea of what it is you see when all you see is ruins,” says Tijl Vereenooghe, from the University of Leuven, one of the partners in the IST-funded EPOCH project.
The project consists of a large network of 85 cultural institutions, university and museums joined in a united effort to resurrect cultural heritage sites. The ambitious project work entails illustrating what modern technology can do to attract a greater audience to cultural heritage sites as well as coordinating actions among cultural institutions so they don’t have to invent things again, explains Vereenooghe.
“EPOCH has outlined a number of issues worth investigating, as they are pointed out by heritage professionals as necessary and useful, or they correspond to missing tools in the production pipeline of cultural communication,” explains EPOCH coordinator, Prof David Arnold at Brighton University.


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