3D Milling Service Offered for SL Residents

3D Milling Service Offered for SL Residents:
Second Life residents will soon be able to order up physical versions of their avatars, their builds or their favorite Second Life objects in full 3D, and in a variety of materials, thanks to a pair of students at the Art Institute of Chicago. Simon Spartalian (aka Simon Jezebel in SL) and Mike Beradino (a recent graduate of the Art Institute) will launch the service on June 1, offering to mill SL objects up to 9″X 5″X 5″ out of anything from foam to wax to stainless steel. The pair are already documenting their milling efforts at their Recursive Instruments blog.


the bleed reverses….. everyone knows that we bleed identity into electronic artifacts and environments… but when we pull out that identity, what happens to it?