Completely random shit

Completely random shit: ” 1. Saw my therapist today: she made a strong case for me just quitting this job at the end of the year and moving home, replacement job or no. Best line: “you won the prize and got the job and now you’re taking anti-depressants. Obviously something’s wrong, right?”

(Via Bitch. Ph.D..)

actually, lots of academics have depression after they finish their dissertation and/or start their new position. i posit it is because people think they’ve managed to make progress to the top wrung of the ladder only to realize, there is no top wrung at all, just more wrungs.

i’ve heard of everything from the ‘life change’, ‘giving up academia’, and my university even had a suicide due to depression related to post-dissertation. it’s a harsh world. there may be identifiable issues here that need some looking into, or even a recognizable diagnosis like post-ph.d. depression.