ahh, search query's

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5: fluffy destroyer of worlds

4: female super heroes
4: red vs blue real world internet
4: paper clip sales statistics
3: goped vs transam
3: alexander halavais and wired
2: wild cheerleaders
2: dmytruk deaf interpreter
2: pell grants 108th congress november 2004
2: julia linzey
2: research topics about hardships of work
2: successful librarian measurement
2: oligonomy
2: fluffy the destroyer of worlds
2: what is actor network theory
2: too little technology


so this is yesterday, minus the single searches… the puppy picture is clearly very popular still…. and female super heroes has been up there for a few months…. the redvblue thing is pretty funny, but i doubt i have the link anymore because lots of links were lost in the move… the goped vs transam, small with lots of horsepower beats big with even more horsepower, and alex’s wired thing, and how congress is screwing with student funding at the behest of our feared leader, then julia linzey who did a nifty project on bounded patriarchy….. then the research topics business, and then successful librarian measurement (i hate to tell you, but most librarian success is social success and measuring that can be done, but it doesn’t tell you anything about success), then someone wants to know about oligonomy, and some more what to know about actor network theory, and someone just doesn’t get technology…..

it is an interesting set of topics.