No Child Left Behind … Alive

No Child Left Behind … Alive:

A National Guard F-16 strafed an elementary school in New Jersey last night with 25 rounds from its M61-A1 Vulcan Cannon:

A National Guard F-16 fighter jet on a nighttime training mission strafed an elementary school with 25 rounds of ammunition, authorities said Thursday. No one was injured. The military is investigating the incident that damaged Little Egg Harbor Intermediate School shortly after 11 p.m. Police were called when a custodian who was the only person in the school at the time heard what sounded like someone running across the roof. Police Chief Mark Siino said officers noticed punctures in the roof. Ceiling tiles had fallen into classrooms, and there were scratch marks in the asphalt outside.

I take it this is an early warning of the attack on the Blue States that will be launched early in the new year, after Colin Powell makes a presentation to the U.N. demonstrating the existence in New Jersey of large research and production facilities most likely devoted to the manufacture of lethal chemical weapons.


death to the blue infidels… i can hear it now. the roar of the tanks down madison avenue…..