The Personal Internet Communicator for Developing Economies

The Personal Internet Communicator for Developing Economies:
50×15 is AMD‘s initiative to enable affordable Internet access and computing capabilities for 50 percent of the world population by the year 2015. With world population estimated to reach 7.2 billion people in 2015, and current Internet penetration approximately 10 percent, there is tremendous potential for 50×15 on a global scale to bring billions of people into the digital age. 32123a-10_picangfrt50x15_E.gif
New technology approaches and platforms are needed to meet the unique requirements and economic limitations of high-growth and developing markets. AMD’s first step in bringing new technology to achieve the 50×15 vision is a new device product category called the Personal Internet Communicator (PIC). The (PIC) is a low-cost, consumer-friendly, managed device that will put technology into the hands of first-time technology users in high-growth markets around the world, such as India, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and China.

The Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) is an affordable consumer device designed to provide managed Internet access for people in global, high-growth markets to enhance communications, entertainment and education opportunities. The PIC is an empowering connecting device – a simple and accessible platform designed to work with existing telecom dial-up or broadband infrastructure – that delivers Internet capabilities such as e-mail, downloads, Web browsing and more.

neat! this is just what the world needs.