identifying a political problem

The Rise of Pseudo Fascism
. Part 1: The Morphing of the Conservative Movement

Part 2: The Architecture of Fascism

Part 3: The Pseudo-Fascist Campaign

Part 4: The Apocalyptic One-Party State

“We don't want to get rid of all liberals. I want to keep a couple, for example, [Orcinus]

A very interesting series. It demonstrates that many in the Republican party care little about America or Americans. They want a one party state where their political power can never be shaken, either by another political party or by the people. Power simply for its own purpose. Does not sound like a country where being different, creative or innovative will be a plus. too much possibility of upsetting the one party system. [A Man with a Ph.D. – Richard Gayle's Weblog]


identifying the republican problem. they used to be a party that meant something, now they are not.