software freedom day

August 28, 2004

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to ask you to join us in celebrating Software Freedom
Day in 2004 and beyond.

In an effort to step up the marketing effort for Free and Open Source
Software (FOSS), a small group of volunteers [1] have formed with the aim of organizing a global
celebration of FOSS on August 28th this year [2]. We hope to involve
a large number of teams, comprised of LUG members and other
enthusiasts, all around the world. Our role will be to help
coordinate the event and provide the required infrastructure,
including a web portal, posters and fliers, and most importantly,
high quality (pressed) CDs with FOSS that the teams can give out to
the general public on Software Freedom Day.

Before we launch this concept to the community at large, we would
like to reach out to a few key groups and individuals in the FOSS
world, like yourself, to ask you to join us in this endevour. Though
we do hope to form a working relationship with you over time, for now
we can simply recognize our mutual goals. Thus we respectfully ask
for your endorsement of our effort; this project will enjoy even
greater success if the FOSS community unites around it.

For further information and to observe our project's progress, please
visit our newly assembled web portal, which will serve as the hub for
our collaboration in the months to come. We hope that creative souls
around the world will find varied and interesting ways of celebrating
FOSS, and that ultimately the public will join us in that celebration

Sincerely yours,

Henrik Omma and Matt Oquist