Thu, 01 Apr 2004 18:34:36 GMT

Bush Admin releases Evildoers List

The long-awaited list of “Evildoer Nations Doing Evil Evilly” was announced today by the Bush Administration, prompting consternation from critics who noted that only one nation, England, was not listed as a Evildoer.

A White House spokesperson acknowledged this, saying that all of continental Europe has fallen under the growing influence of Evildoers, adding if Tony Blair's government ever fell, the U.S. would have no allies left, but “who cares, we have the biggest guns so we will crush them all like the impudent bugs they are,” then cackling fiendishly, before being hurriedly led off the stage by concerned aides.

France was singled out for special opprobrium as a nation “that should be doing what we tell them without any yap-yap but instead would be real Evildoers if they weren't such wussies.” When told that, without the help of the French in the U.S. Revolutionary War, we would have almost certainly lost to the British, a high-ranking White House staffer said, “tax cuts for the wealthy will stop terrorism, and slap those Frenchies upside their heads too.”

[Politics in the Zeros]


heheheheh, careful or george will sick The Tick after other nations. SPOOOOON! actually for those not familial with comic book, i'll say this, there are deep and profound parallels between the way The Tick treats villains and the way the Bush family has treated evildoers