Tue, 16 Mar 2004 12:16:44 GMT

This Saturday, March 20. Global day of action

Bring the troops home now!
End colonial occupation from Iraq to Palestine and everywhere!
Money for jobs, education, healthcare and housing – Not war!
Stop the attacks on civil rights and civil liberties

A quick scan of the national ANSWER website shows demonstrations will be taking place this Saturday in over 35 countries and 175 cities!

Here in L.A., we've distributed thousands of flyers, hundreds of posters, have dozens of endorsing organizations, and report backs indicate this could be a sizable demo.

If you live in LA, check the ANSWER LA website for logistics. Speakers include Ron Kovic and Fernando Suarez, as well as Radical Teen Cheer. There will be an opening rally at the assembly point, as well as after the march, with speakers and music by 6-7 bands.

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ok, while i think the global day of action is important, i just want to say that in certain places we have a responsibility to the people that we occupy that we don't abandon the creation of a law-based state and let bandit kings take over. everything else is cool, but really, if we pull out of iraq and afganistan we are creating a disaster area. it is irresponsible.