minor point of order for the world at large….

as i was walking home last night, i put two heavy metal covers back into place because someone had removed them and hadn't put in the effort to carry them more than a few feet. so my point of order here is, if you are going to try to steal something and carry it away, either make sure you have the will to carry it away, or better yet, choose something you do have the will to carry. I don't mind putting things back the way they belong, but i find the lack of effort people put into these things highly irritating.

the other thing is, learn what the right of way is for your locale and yield appropriately, of late I've had several people not yield appropriately when driving, and it is just bad form, not to mention illegal, so kindly learn to drive and follow the rules if you are going to drive.

those are my minor points of order today, just had to get them off my chest.