Thu, 26 Feb 2004 16:09:22 GMT

Creative Technology programs and transparency in academia. Geoffrey Rockwell made up a very cool “Creative Technology Curriculum”. I'd have loved to get a degree in that if it had been available when I got into college!

Geoffrey also points to a fascinating (if you're interested in the dynamics of academia) document in which the Faculty of Information Studies of the University of Toronto attempts to redefine itself. As Geoffrey writes,

In the paper the dean, Briank Cantwell Smith raises questions about
what is the subject of information studies (we all study information.)
He argues for an issues oriented, interdisciplinary centre that looks
at documentary practices and performances.

What is exciting about the process is that it is open (I can look at
it) and openness is also one of the issues (as in Open Source as an

Perhaps what we need is a clear philosophy of open source research as a practice.

[Seb's Open Research]


two interesting documents from seb today, well worth thinking about. the first is somewhat like the software arts degree, the latter is somewhat interestingly about the reformation of a major information school.